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Professional Experiences

2000 - Present

Network & ITS group manager
ITS engineering:
Designing and implementing large ITS projects in Iran:

Speed management by real-time traffic counting systems to improve safety. 2009-2010

Real-time inter-city roads traffic monitoring system. 2008

Traffic management center for interurban roads in Iran. 2007

Online tracking system for road maintenance vehicles. 2007

Smart card system for transportation vehicles and drivers. 2004

Online tracking system for international transport trucks. 2003

Offline tracking system for bus fleet management. 2001

Local ITS projects for provinces consist of VMS, visual monitoring, traffic counting systems and TMC. 2006-2009

Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization of Iran

1995 - 2000

Network engineering: Administrating LAN and preparing web sites and maintaining the WAN with wireless connections, leased line, X.25 and VSAT media and PPP protocols. Designing and implementing ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Tehran consisting of all components and services, Remote Access Server, Router (Cisco), AAA server (ACS, NTtac+, IAS), mail server (Exchange, Mdaemon), web server (IIS), DNS, DHCP….
Ministry of Interior (MOI);
Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company (BIPC);
Alborz computer company and Caspian inc.,Tehran
References: Available upon request.

1987 - 1990

Communication engineering: Design communication interface board between computer and telephone line to control the dialing and making connection between computers.
Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC), Tehran


  1. Isfahan University of Technology, 5 terms, Electrical Circuits & labratory.

  2. Azad University of Naeen and Khomeinishahr, 2 terms, Electrical Circuits & labratory.

  3. Azad University of Mahshahr, 6 terms, Engineering Mathematical Statistics & Probability, Electrical Engineering Principals, Digital Circuits and Electronic



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  7. "Online tracking of international and internal transportation in Iran", 11th ITS World Congress , Nagoya, Japan, 2004

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  11. "ECG classification by using Back Propagation (BP) neural network", Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering at Tarbiat Modarres University,Iran, May 1994

  12. "Interpretation of electrocardiogram by using expert systems", The first Computer Conference at Tehran University,Iran, Feb. 1993

  13. "Path planning of a mobile robot in unknown environment with neural network", Neural Network workshop at Tehran University,Iran, Dec. 1993


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